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Tanrıkulu&Partners Law Firm, which has been providing legal services in Antalya since 2007, operates with a legal team specialized in their specified fields. Tanrıkulu&Partners offers various legal consultancy services to both companies and individuals, including preventive law, national and international commercial law, family law, disputes in real estate transactions, immigration and  matters related to acquiring citizenship in the Republic of Turkey and other countries.

Tanrıkulu&Partners Ofis


" In any case, there is a right in the world and right is above power "

The level of justice of our nation cannot be inferior to the justice of other nations. We must ensure justice more than any other nation. We can make laws equal to the laws of the most advanced and civilised states. It is necessary to renew the things made according to the old requirements as the requirements progress. It is impossible to achieve the desired things with these incomplete means. Legal experts should immediately start working in this direction.

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